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Since 1962 Ramco Innovations has been providing total solutions for all your automation challenges and we provide free application and technical support as well.

Our mission statement says it all:
With passion and creativity we provide the best solutions for our customers through the application of technology.


Conforms to FDA regulations

  • Small object detection
  • Light source - Class II, Red Laser diode 670 nm
  • Potentiometer adjustment
  • Selectable Light On / Dark On operation
  • Both NPN and PNP outputs are available on all sensors, 200 mA rating
  • Available in M8 4 pin QD and M12 pigtail types

Conforms to FDA regulations

  • Adjustable sensing distance, 50 to 300mm
  • Small object detection, 0.5mm
  • Adjustable projected spot size with multi-turn lens adjustment
  • Potentiometer adjustment
  • Selectable Light On / Dark On output operation
  • Outputs can be wired as NPN or PNP on all sensors, 100 mA rating
  • Fast response time <150 µ sec.
  • M8 4 pin QD connection*

*The connection cable must be ordered separately. M8 connection cable, 2 meter length - part # M8-FS4-PUR-2M